Top Adenas

Below are the players who have the most Adena.
This ranking was updated in 29/09/2021 at 00:22.

Name Clan Adenas Time
Georg SPQR 199.799.997.071 32d, 3h 51m
iSpoil NPC 99.899.996.500 17d, 18h 39m
Chika - 95.892.606.430 5d, 3h 38m
Elina SPQR 92.114.705.191 3d, 14h 20m
Michal ForFun 90.495.657.939 11d, 6h 18m
Nami StrawHats 88.062.932.755 49d, 8h 39m
Persepone L0rdsCiMuTraS 85.902.969.935 9d, 18h 35m
Lord L0rdsCiMuTraS 81.349.865.097 6d, 5h 55m
L0rdEnano ComplicesDelL0rd 81.110.511.449 1d, 10h 22m
10º Shorty - 80.457.492.060 0d, 5h 42m
11º theDEATH SPQR 76.622.571.720 3d, 18h 57m
12º L0rd L0rdsCiMuTraS 71.716.735.011 25d, 15h 14m
13º Grohk StrawHats 67.413.809.927 10d, 1h 20m
14º LordJ StrawHats 66.270.645.130 14d, 10h 4m
15º Achilleusz L0rdsCiMuTraS 63.027.821.582 14d, 13h 49m
16º Oups StrawHats 60.916.220.247 9d, 3h 9m
17º ACDC ACDC 56.270.430.299 28d, 4h 1m
18º L0rdPablito L0rdsCiMuTraS 55.051.494.143 7d, 21h 32m
19º Wabella L0rdsCiMuTraS 52.773.522.467 1d, 11h 7m
20º MrPaCMaN StrawHats 52.372.038.781 24d, 12h 28m