Top Adenas

Below are the players who have the most Adena.
This ranking was updated in 16/04/2021 at 05:56.

Name Clan Adenas Time
Oups StrawHats 102.047.483.647 7d, 17h 55m
Nami StrawHats 99.900.000.369 46d, 19h 20m
Elina StrawHats 99.900.000.000 69d, 13h 48m
iSpoil NPC 99.900.000.000 16d, 13h 26m
Chika - 95.892.606.430 5d, 3h 38m
Grohk StrawHats 67.413.810.040 10d, 1h 5m
LordJ StrawHats 63.358.886.521 14d, 1h 44m
ACDC ACDC 51.935.993.740 27d, 18h 49m
MrPaCMaN StrawHats 51.792.165.234 17d, 18h 42m
10º DoDoS StrawHats 46.046.552.634 5d, 12h 2m
11º Cyberia AHacPaTb 35.634.937.472 6d, 13h 50m
12º TheLordCea StrawHats 28.866.169.953 5d, 14h 29m
13º Suspiria Anarchia 7d, 11h 2m
14º TreffQ - 21.812.985.794 1d, 7h 10m
15º HannyaDE - 18.310.450.872 58d, 3h 1m
16º Michal ForFun 13.066.464.540 2d, 5h 42m
17º LiliCaT StrawHats 12.362.323.759 6d, 3h 5m
18º Allfather Owners 11.833.591.650 1d, 22h 6m
19º Xilei StrawHats 11.087.812.925 3d, 0h 35m
20º Horyu Brazuca 10.809.281.867 4d, 14h 14m