Top Adenas

Below are the players who have the most Adena.
This ranking was updated in 30/09/2020 at 23:07.

Name Clan Adenas Time
Horyu Ragnarok 98.468.316.988 8d, 2h 42m
Wallet Enigma 85.777.716.323 10d, 7h 49m
DeusExMachina Enigma 56.816.913.060 9d, 12h 0m
DarkLord Brazukas 17d, 13h 24m
Gimli Dragon 21.917.878.703 14d, 19h 14m
Samson Dragon 20.363.437.745 14d, 8h 18m
RichFatDude Enigma 20.315.000.000 12d, 5h 15m
MasterWork Enigma 18.875.199.940 13d, 7h 47m
BrickWall Enigma 16.186.527.052 8d, 3h 12m
10º Piranda Shatra 15.513.971.609 14d, 23h 54m
11º Apocalypse - 13.938.167.147 1d, 13h 41m
12º Tommy Brazukas 12.904.841.701 3d, 13h 35m
13º Porthos Dragon 10.241.473.549 18d, 10h 2m
14º Danem Enigma 10.156.675.613 0d, 14h 39m
15º SoulDark MClaw 9.698.243.239 16d, 7h 19m
16º Adena Ragnarok 9.683.347.972 0d, 12h 59m
17º Veleno - 6.894.691.360 2d, 4h 54m
18º Bulibasha Dragon 6.673.058.463 18d, 15h 40m
19º Furyous Shatra 6.529.020.920 7d, 2h 5m
20º Garona Dragon 5.656.180.970 13d, 22h 22m