Server Craft is Online.
October 15, 2021

If you see this you got the new systemcraft map to play on server Craft.
Download the new SystemCraft-4 patch to play on the server Craft!
Download here:

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Server Craft
Soon NeW Server Craft online!!
05 October, 2021

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10 Players Online
1º   SPQR 11 lvl
2º   StrawHats 11 lvl
3º   Sanctuary 11 lvl
1º   L0rd 82 pvps
2º   Nami 36 pvps
3º   Kengan 30 pvps
1º   Kengan 30 pks
2º   Wololo 25 pks
3º   TheRealHULK 16 pks
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