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Server Craft Closed
Due to low players on the server it is closed!
30 November, 2021
Server Craft is Online.
Download the new SystemCraft-4 patch to play on the server Craft! Download here:
15 October, 2021
L2Network Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2

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0 Players Online
1º   P4F 8 lvl
2º   Relax 7 lvl
3º   MOFUS 3 lvl
1º   MrPaCMaN 11 pvps
2º   Elina 3 pvps
3º   Buble 2 pvps
1º   MrPaCMaN 1 pks
2º   Elina 0 pks
3º   Buble 0 pks
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